Heartfelt Creations - Classic Wedding Card Kit

Hannah, here! Today I come to you with three cards made from the Classic Wedding Card Kit from Heartfelt Creations!

I was asked, by Princy, to create the 3 cards that this kit makes. I was immediately excited and nervous. I was excited because of the flowers! This was an opportunity to learn something new! I was nervous because these cards intimidated the heck out of me! I was nervous that they would be complicated and require skills that maybe I didn't have.

When I opened the package I was delighted by how it was prepared. There were three enclosed clear envelopes, each one contained the bulk of what its specific card would make. Additionally, there were extra papers supplied, as well as glitter and such. The only things I needed to supply were ink, adhesive, tools, patience, and love!

untitled (2 of 2)

It turns out that the first card I created was also the most complicated. The "Congratulations" card contained more design elements to deal with than the following two, but it was surprisingly easy! I discovered while working on this card that there was quite a bit of room for my own artistic influence. For example, the instructions suggest using ink to color the rose wreath. Instead, I chose to color it with Prismacolor pencils. This was a step that wasn't completely necessary as much of the wreath was hidden by other design elements, but it was delightfully fun to complete. In the end, I was happier with the colored pencil elements than I was with similar elements which I had colored with ink and my ink dauber.

I also discovered that I could find inks in a collection that matched similarly with the paper provided. Heartfelt Creations DOES make ink suggestions, however, I did not have the colors in stock. Fortunately, I had purchased the Altenew ink collection from Kraftgali, I found the best ink choices there! I also found similarly matching colors with the 72 Prismacolor pencil set. Fortunately, for you, I made a chart of the colors I used!

[caption id="attachment_442" align="alignnone" width="1364"]untitled (1 of 2) Please excuse my chicken-scratch writing![/caption]

For the following two cards, "Happy Anniversary" and " Bride and Groom" flew by! They were so completely easy to put together. I found the instructions were incredibly easy to follow!

untitled (1 of 7)untitled (2 of 7)

"Happy Anniversary"
untitled (1 of 15)untitled (2 of 15)

"Bride and Groom"
untitled (8 of 15)untitled (11 of 15)

The flowers were so incredibly fun to make, I even accidentally tore a petal off and was able to glue it back on with Ranger Multi Medium Matte and no one will ever notice! I actually don't even remember which flower it happened too. I did buy the 5 piece tool set that Heartfelt Creations sells. If you do a bit of work in the craft store, you might find substitute tools that would be quite sufficient, preventing some amount of extra expense, however, I wanted the quick and easy fix. There are multiple YouTube videos, showing you how to mold the flowers, which I found incredibly easy to follow. I am so smitten with these that I went ahead and bought a flower stamp and die set for a future card that I intend to do soon. I am IN LOVE with these flowers! Heartfelt Creations will be visiting my local scrapbooking expo and I will FOR SURE be attending one of their classes!

I have to express a HUGE thank you to Princy, of Kraftgali, for requesting me to make this kit. I learned so much and I had such a brilliant amount of fun!

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